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Arvada Health Center Optical we are a full service optical with ABO Certified Opticians serving Colorado for over 30 years. We offer a complete line of prescription eye wear including Reading Glasses, Sport, and Sunglasses in all the latest styles and brand names. Come and SEE us today where we put I Care in Eyewear.


At Arvada Health Center Optical we offer the latest, high quality, designer frames and lenses for any lifestyle or occupation and recreation. We provide attractive frames in the hotest styels for all ages from infant to adult. Our services include reading glasses and spectacles for general use, to custom fit specialty frames with durable lenses for sport, hobby, or occupational use. Most lenses are avialble with scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coatings as well as shapes and tints.

In the office we display hundreds of the latest frame styles and we have many more available, just ask your Optician about all the brand name, specialty, and occupation related lines we carry.

Our ABO certified Opticians can adjust your glasses for free*. Just walk in and on the spot we can make adjustments that will improve your fit and vision as well as fix many major and minor issues with broken or loose joints and nose guards.


7950 Kipling St., Suite #203
Arvada, Colorado 80005
(303) 423-0338

Monday – Friday
8:30am – 5:00pm
8:30am – 12:00pm

Closed Sundays and Holidays


Warranty Policies & Procedures

Here at Arvada Health Center Optical we are committed to providing great customer service combined with the industries latest top eyewear products for our patients. We strive to make all transactions pleasant for our patients, unfortunately sometimes special situations or unforeseen problems arise and materials need to be changed or replaced. This document outlines Arvada Health Center Optical’s warranties, policies and procedures for handling those remakes on materials purchased from our location both with and without vision insurance. All policies are subject to change without notice. Arvada Health Center Optical reserves the right to make the final decision on any and all dispute resolutions.

Eyewear purchased from Arvada Health Center Optical carries a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a 1 year manufacture defect warranty on frames and lenses. If within 30 days of qualifying pickup date you are not satisfied with your eyewear you may exchange it for replacement eyewear of equal or lesser value. Any added cost associated with upgrades such as options/coatings/materials added to the eyewear being exchanged will be the responsibility of the patient and the cost can not be offset by price difference in other product. (for example. You can not choose a less expensive frame and apply the difference in cost to lens addons/options and vice versa). If a lower priced item is selected no refund will be given on the difference. Eyewear must have been picked up within 15 days from date the order was completed to qualify. The manufactures defect warranty covers manufacture defects only and does not cover accidental breakage/damage, loss, theft or scratches. We offer special coatings and materials that may offer coverage for scratches at an additional cost. Patient is responsible for all cost incurred in providing the manufacture warranty such as shipping/handling charges for new/returned product. For eyewear purchased through vision insurance please see the Vision Insurance paragraph below for warranty information.

180 day Dr’s prescription change guarantee. If within 180 days of the original order date your doctor changes your prescription, we will do a one time no charge remake of your lenses to the new prescription with the following conditions; Cataract/Vision correction surgery does not qualify and replacement lenses must be the same material/options/addons as the original order. If the change results in any additional charges, that would have applied if present during the original order, the patient must pay those charges; such as addition of prism, higher prescription power, material etc. All original materials must be returned at the time of remake. The new prescription must be presented before the 180 days are up.

We offer free cleaning, adjustments, screw replacement and fitting of your eyewear for the lifetime of the product purchased from us. For replacement materials that must be ordered from the manufacture, charges may apply.

Vision Insurance

Any vision insurance coverage MUST be presented PRIOR to the ordering of eyewear for it to be applied to a transaction. Vision insurance coverage presented after the order is made or in process will be deemed the patient’s responsibility to seek reimbursement from the insurance provider. Patient reimbursement policies/amounts vary from insurance to insurance and should be discussed with your provider prior to submitting a claim. Since many of the vision insurance companies supply the materials for your order, Arvada Health Center Optical does not provide a warranty for their product. Please consult your member benefits manual for information on your vision plan’s warranty, policies and procedures. With this being the case, the warranty on eyewear purchased through vision insurance can be different from Arvada Health Center Optical’s warranty and all cost incurred by Arvada Health Center Optical in processing those vision insurance warranties/remakes will be the responsibility of the patient. This may include but is not limited to shipping/handling charges, cost of replacement materials, labor etc. Any disputes or special request not covered by the insurance program are the patient’s responsibility to resolve with their insurance provider. Patients are responsible for any and all charges related to their vision benefits, even if those charges are discovered after the order was placed. For situations/conditions not addressed or covered by the insurance companies warranty, or where applicable via contract, Arvada Health Center Optical will make the final decision on all resolutions.

Refund Policy

No refunds will be made on eyewear orders that are already in process by the lab supplying all or part of the eyewear. Once the lens making process has been started the labs do not allow cancellations or changes to the product. All insurance related claims are to be resolved by the patient through their insurance. If a patient’s insurance authorizes a refund, the patient is still liable for any cost incurred by Arvada Health Center Optical that is not repaid by the insurance, such as the cost of ordering/returning product etc. Please be aware that some manufactures do NOT allow returns of their product and the patient will be held responsible for those charges that cannot be recovered.


Fittings / Adjustments

Arvada Health Center Optical will gladly adjust/fit your eyeglasses regardless of where they were purchased from, FREE OF CHARGE. We always make our best efforts to avoid damage to any product during adjustments, but do to the inability to control the condition of the product prior to the adjustment, accidents can happen. By having our staff do the adjustment you agree that Arvada Health Center Optical is not responsible for any damages that could occur to the product regardless of fault or place of purchase.

If you have any questions or concerns about these general policy statements please be sure to ask your Optician at the time of service or contact us here.

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